Possible big biomass increase raises hopes for Peruvian hake players


Scientists find biomass could exceed 500,000t, raising hopes of possible quota hike for next fishing season and of potential assessment towards MSC certification (more…)

US scallop quota now expected to be stable

Quota for Atlantic sea scallop 2014 season is likely to be line with last year’s, says council coordinator, dispelling fears that catches could be in for second consecutive cut

Surimi buyers come in early for US whiting as tropical shortage continues

Photo: Alpha,avlxyz.

Surimi buyers make early deals on Pacific whiting from US catchers, with demand for hake and pollock strong in Asia, EU and US, on shortage of tropical raw material (more…)

Retail prices affordable for 23% of fish species, says Mexico

Mexico’s national fishing and aquaculture commission released price figures of some of the most popular seafood species for human consumption saying at least 70 out of 300 fish types can be shopped by the average consumer (more…)

Invermar lone exception as Chile salmon producers rack up losses for 2013

Chile salmon farm pens cages 4

With a gain of $7.2m, Invermar stood out from its peers in 2013 as Australis Seafoods, Multiexport Foods, Aquachile, Blumar Seafoods and Camanchaca all ended the year in the red, albeit showing a big recovery from 2012 (more…)

British, French scallop catchers agree on need for more science

Brixham harbour, Devon, UK. Photo: Barry Lewis

Scallop catchers from both sides of the Channel agree on need for more scientific research to be carried out during fishing trips during workshop in Devon (more…)

Spaniards also reportedly interested in Dhellemmes vessels

Concarneau. Photo: Ines Saraiva

Sale of seven trawlers and seiners starts taking on political dimension, as potential bid from Spain raises fears of the quotas leaving France (more…)

Chile working on artisanal fisheries recovery after quake

In total, 124 vessels and 367 crew members from Arica, Parinacota and Tarapaca were affected by April 2 earthquake

Bumpy start to the year for Peruvian fishing industry

The fishing sector in Peru got to a somewhat faltering start during the first two months of this year falling 4.7 percentage points, according to data published by the national statistics service