Peru ups anchovy TAC 23% to 2.53m, confirms April start to season

Copeinca 6

TAC up 23% from last year but still lower than 2011 levels, as fishing is pushed forward to April in anticipation of potential El Nino effect hampering catches (more…)

Ecofish partners with Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s business partners work to build awareness about ocean-friendly seafood choices across the US

Russia weighs developement of fishing industry in far eastern regions

The city of Magadan will host a government meeting, presided by prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, to study prospects for development of Russia’s fishing industry in the area

Fish industry union meets with Newfoundland and Labrador premier

Both union and provincial government criticized the department of fisheries and oceans’ 26% reduction to the inshore quota for 2014

Chile to spend $1.8m on artisanal fishery recovery after quake

Funds will be used to repair boats, engines and replace lost equipment after the April 2 earthquake and tsunami that hit the north region of the country (more…)

Time for UK chippies to promote frozen at sea origin, says FAS association

Some 90% of UK chippies use frozen at sea fillets as a staple, yet only few promote this to their customers. Now is a great time to change this, argues the FAS fillets association

European hake demand, prices still strong despite tough German market


The south European market is emerging from economic issues and demand for South African and Namibian hake is strong, with prices still at high levels of end 2013, sources say


Confusion reigns over snow crab as both sides deny any firm price agreements reached

No firm price agreements have been reached with Japanese buyers for Newfoundland snow crab, that much both packers and buyers can agree on

US seafood company improves efficiency, products on back of traceability system

US company Norpac Fisheries Export saw how a traceability system implemented in 2012 has added value to its business

US sea change in farmed salmon acceptability

Comments from celebrity chef Rick Moonen and the release of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) standards for farmed salmon last month symbolize a growing shift in US public perception of farmed salmon’s sustainability, Take Part writer says

Gulf fishermen riled over uneven BP compensation


BP’s assertion that the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is over have struck a nerve with fishermen in the gulf, who note the impact of the spill lingers in career-changing ways (more…)