Peru ups anchovy TAC 23% to 2.53m, confirms April start to season

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TAC up 23% from last year but still lower than 2011 levels, as fishing is pushed forward to April in anticipation of potential El Nino effect hampering catches (more…)

US sea change in farmed salmon acceptability

Comments from celebrity chef Rick Moonen and the release of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) standards for farmed salmon last month symbolize a growing shift in US public perception of farmed salmon’s sustainability, Take Part writer says

Reuters: Chinese buyers could default on 1.2m tons of soybeans

Low demand in China is raising specter of massive default ahead, a top buyer in China told the news agency

Vermont Senate approves GMO labeling bill

House of representatives will now vote on the bill which, if approved, would make Vermont the first US state to require labeling of foods made with GMOs (more…)

Restoring 29% of NE Atlantic stocks could cut EU fish import dependence by three months

A New Economics Foundation report claims waters in the Northeast Atlantic hold the key to expand supply to a further 100 million consumers in the Old Continent

Peruvian fishmeal producers pile up losses on back of annus horribilis

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Ten of Peru’s 12 fishmeal producers posted losses in 2013, as quota cuts were compounded by higher costs due to regulatory changes

Marine Harvest feed plant construction enters last phase

Salmon feed plant, which will have 200,000t capacity, enters last phase of construction (more…)

FF Skagen to ‘clean’ fish oil for Marine Harvest’s salmon feed

Marine Harvest says move to clean all relevant fish oils, removing environmental pollutants, will be differentiatior for the company’s salmon feed

Peru’s fishmeal sector at risk of strong El Nino effect in 2014

Abnormally high temperatures are reminiscent of 1997-98 which witnessed one of the strongest El Nino ever, says expert, warning effect will hit the anchovy and fishmeal industry the most

Spanish households favor fish in crisis-hit budget

Fresh fish display market seafood Seville Spain Spanish

New data on food spending in 2013 in Spain reveals families have increased their budget for seafood, even under the stress of the worse financial crisis the Eurozone has ever seen (more…)

Seafresh-backed feed venture takes part in UK wrasse project

Ballan wrasse. Photo Wikipedia

Proachete, the feed venture led by Oddgeir Oddsen, is taking part in wrasse farming project with Marine Harvest and Stirling university (more…)