Peru blog: Tri Marine to invest in Peru plant for canned exports; Exalmar doubles giant squid exports to China with Tesco, plant deals

Follow our coverage here as we tour fishing companies in Paita and Piura, Peru’s hub of processing plants for human consumption fish, before reporting from this year’s Expoalimentaria trade show

Norway salmon biomass hike should reduce market volatility; amount depends on farmers

Leroy salmon farm

Norway’s 6% increase to the maximum allowed biomass for salmon farms in response to Russia’s ban on seafood should limit price drop in coming months; but will companies take advantage? (more…)

Chile salmon packers, Russian buyers nervous amid talk of cancelled contracts, fear of unmet payments

Chile salmon

Some Chilean sellers preach caution as the high prices, talk of cancelled contracts and fear of unmet payments cause nervousness in market (more…)

High contract share gives Salmar ‘huge advantage’ to weather Russian ban impact


55% contract share for second half of the year puts Norwegian producer in better position to cope with shutdown of Norway’s key salmon market, notes analyst (more…)