Biomar investing $10m in China JV on back of growth potential for high value species

An important part of the feed growth potential in China is driven by new farming projects for high value species, in a move to offer diversified species to a growing middle, upper class, Biomar’s global marketing director tells Undercurrent News

Observers on French tuna vessels, collaborative science next steps for Orthongel

Tuna vessel. Photo: Orthongel

The French frozen tuna producers' organization has two new projects on the table for 2015, aiming for observers on all French-flagged vessels and a pledge on cooperation between scientists and fishermen (more…)

Alaska salmon MSC re-join facing logistical maze if Silver Bay won’t play ball


A major question looms over Alaska salmon processors’ attempt to rejoin the MSC certification program: will client group leader Silver Bay let them back in? (more…)