Fishmeal players expect Peru anchovy recovery by first season of 2015

Copeinca 7

Imarpe’s latest report implies stock will be fully normalized by October next year, though a repeat of 2013 on producers’ balance sheet cannot be ruled out, say Tasa and Exalmar directors (more…)

Private equity-backed Tomich Bros ‘no longer operating’

Assets of private equity-backed firm now under a new name, after Tomich Bros rendered ‘no longer financially viable’ by two years of tough squid seasons

Questions swirl over Rabobank’s ‘strong’ characterization of US shrimp market

Rabobank’s global shrimp market report hit last week at a tumultuous time in the US shrimp market, with the words ‘strong’ and ‘US market’ coming in stark contrast to the ‘panic’ and ‘worry’ sources are seeing