Invermar lone exception as Chile salmon producers rack up losses for 2013

Chile salmon farm pens cages 4

With a gain of $7.2m, Invermar stood out from its peers in 2013 as Australis Seafoods, Multiexport Foods, Aquachile, Blumar Seafoods and Camanchaca all ended the year in the red, albeit showing a big recovery from 2012 (more…)

Indian Ocean coastal states opt for sustainable tuna management

Indian Ocean developing coastal states move towards ensuring effective management of the shared tuna stocks

Mexican states eyes Latin America tilapia crown with $45m state funding

Chiapas expects to be continent’s top producer on back of new that Dos Lagos will receive $45m to boost tilapia production to 70,000 metric tons

Fishmeal players hold off on orders for now as season makes early start

Although Peruvian exporters have pre-sold around 100,000 metric tons, sellers are holding off for now amid uncertain fishing conditions and in anticipation of firm prices ahead

Leroy stands out with focus on EU, VAP

Salmon sushi. Photo: Chris Gladis

As several of its peers are looking to Asia, Leroy is showing a slight shift in market focus towards sales to EU, especially Nordic countries, while looking to concentrate more on processed goods


Canada to host bluefin tuna workshop

Canada looks to take leadership role in improving international science around the status of Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks with an upcoming Prince Edward Island meeting

Canada is looking to take leadership role in improving international science around the status of Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks with an upcoming Prince Edward Island meeting.

The United States, Japan, Mexico, France (with respect to Saint Pierre et Miquelon), and the European Union are expected to take part.

Gail Shea, minister of fisheries and oceans, announced that Canada would be hosting an important working group meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, from July 10-12, 2014.

This meeting will build on the Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna science workshop hosted in Montreal, Canada last summer. At that meeting, ICCAT members expressed their encouragement with ongoing efforts to strengthen the current dialogue between scientists and fisheries managers and their desire to resolve outstanding uncertainties in the status of the stock.

“Canada has one of the best managed tuna fisheries in the world – one that is based on scientific advice, effective management, and strict enforcement,” said Shea.

“As a result, the western Atlantic bluefin Tuna stock is showing positive signs of rebuilding. We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of this high-value fishery by increasing our scientific knowledge and working closely with our partners.”

The PEI meeting will focus on reviewing new research proposals to develop additional stock status indicators. While the results of the research will only be statistically reliable in at least seven years, these new stock indicators will support the long-term sustainability of this important fishery for generations to come by forming the foundation of sound science-based management decisions.

Norway cuts minimum landing price for North Sea herring amid market uncertainty

Industry settles on lower minimum price as of July, as market uncertainty, including in Nigeria, Ukraine and Russia, causes difficult negotiations

Danish bank takes up coverage of Marine Harvest

Danske Bank has started covering Marine Harvest shares, kicking off with a buy recommendation (more…)

Aquachile calls for further consolidation in Chilean salmon industry


Aquachile argues that a new wave of consolidation is necessary so Chilean salmon producers can strengthen their position in international markets with growing demand (more…)