Ocea, Bremnes Seashore team up for thermal, green sea-lice solution

Photo: Ocea

Salmon farmer will apply Ocea’s thermal and medication-free delousing solution, which Ocea says is already successfully used in Chile, in Norway (more…)

British, French scallop catchers agree on need for more science

Scallop catchers from both sides of the Channel agree on need for more scientific research to be carried out during fishing trips during workshop in Devon

Vermont Senate approves GMO labeling bill

House of representatives will now vote on the bill which, if approved, would make Vermont the first US state to require labeling of foods made with GMOs (more…)

NZ King Salmon awarded first new salmon farms in 20 years

Supreme Court of New Zealand has given green light for three out of four new salmon farms in Marlborough; the new farms represent the first to be allocated in over 20 years

Europe’s new €6.5bn fisheries fund not for upping capacity

Credit: Bobby Hidy

No EU money will be spent on fishing vessels or other initiatives to increase fishing capacity, says EC, as new €6.5bn fisheries fund is endorsed   (more…)

Producer behind Salma salmon invests in new onshore tanks

So-called ‘waiting tanks’ will keep salmon on land in the final phase of ongrowing, as part of NOK 250 million (€30m/$42m) upgrading of processing site

Canada sustainability scheme removes lobster 28,500 traps in PEI


Fisheries department says government has provided more than $11 million to Prince Edward island’s lobster organizations under the Atlantic lobster sustainability measures (more…)

Norway salmon escape tally rises

Some 47,000 salmon are estimated to have escaped a farm in southwestern Norway in February, in fifth escape reported in the country so far this year

Peruvian fishmeal producers pile up losses on back of annus horribilis

Copeinca 4

Ten of Peru’s 12 fishmeal producers posted losses in 2013, as quota cuts were compounded by higher costs due to regulatory changes