Congalsa: Sustainability not yet among Spanish shoppers’ concerns


Imports director Julio Simarro says deal with SFP had more to do with corporate responsibility than with pandering to customer trends, although he is confident Spain will follow trend of neighboring countries (more…)

Norwegian salmon farmer, Ocean Beauty, land Whole Foods supplier awards

Kvaroy Fiskeoppdrett, Ocean Beauty and Trace Register among suppliers recognized at 2014 Whole Foods awards

New rules put Galician trout producers at risk of closures

New regulation proposed by local authorities could lead to the closure of several aquaculture sites, as they would not be able to make use of any water from rivers during the summer months

Ecofish partners with Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s business partners work to build awareness about ocean-friendly seafood choices across the US (more…)

Time for UK chippies to promote frozen at sea origin, says FAS association

Some 90% of UK chippies use frozen at sea fillets as a staple, yet only few promote this to their customers. Now is a great time to change this, argues the FAS fillets association

Iceland sets unilateral mackerel TAC for 2014

Mackerel. Photo: Jeremy Keith.

Country sets quota for 2014 at 147,574 metric tons for the year, nearly 10,000t below share awarded to Faroe Islands, and reprsenting just under 12% of total TAC set by Norway, EU and the Faroes (more…)

BAP farmed shrimp standards made equivalent to Monterey Bay’s

Two and four-star BAP farmed shrimp standards are now equivalent to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch’s ‘good alternative’ rating

Peru ups anchovy TAC 23% to 2.53m, confirms April start to season

Copeinca 6

TAC up 23% from last year but still lower than 2011 levels, as fishing is pushed forward to April in anticipation of potential El Nino effect hampering catches (more…)

Bumble Bee moves headquarters

Largest shelf-stable seafood company in the US adheres to host of on-trend efforts, from seeking LEED certification to preserving the history of its new building, with move to downtown San Diego (more…)

US sea change in farmed salmon acceptability

Comments from celebrity chef Rick Moonen and the release of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) standards for farmed salmon last month symbolize a growing shift in US public perception of farmed salmon’s sustainability, Take Part writer says (more…)

Gulf fishermen riled over uneven BP compensation


BP’s assertion that the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is over have struck a nerve with fishermen in the gulf, who note the impact of the spill lingers in career-changing ways (more…)

US scallop quota now expected to be stable

Quota for Atlantic sea scallop 2014 season is likely to be line with last year’s, says council coordinator, dispelling fears that catches could be in for second consecutive cut