Vietnam struggles to upgrade pangasius exports, new law will limit soaking and moisture content

Vinh Hoan pangasius

If Vietnam successfully enforced an 83% moisture level, it would be similar to Canada’s requirement on scallops, which results in a substantial price difference between ‘dry’ and wet scallops, writes John Sackton

Silver Bay fishermen mulling investment decisions in run-up to shareholder meeting

Fisherman speaks out on why he joined Silver Bay and what he expects the company to vote on at the company’s coming shareholder meeting in November, where Bristol Bay fishermen get 49% control over decisions on the Naknek plant

Latest Pacific waters research has impact for bigeye tuna management

New research on the most vulnerable of all the tuna species fished in the waters of Pacific Island nations shows there is much more mixing of stocks from the western and eastern Pacific than previously thought (more…)