Ecuador shrimp exports almost double in value in early 2014

Shrimp exports totaled $399 million, up 97.2% when compared with the first two months of 2013, on the back of increasing prices, so far at $9,614 per ton (more…)

Chicken of the Sea names brand icon mermaid: Catalina

After seafood fans submitted more than 49,000 entries in a nationwide $10,000-prize contest to christen the brand’s icon, the company announced one name floated to the top

Thai Union: MW Brands can reach €1bn sales within three to five years

Paris-based tuna canner has ability to up sales by nearly 50% in next few years, says Thai Union president, as he reiterates better outlook ahead for the Thai tuna and shrimp business

Owner and chairman of Maruha-backed Austral Fisheries has passed away

George Theo Kailis, chairman of Austral Fisheries, whose 50% stake Maruha acquired from Pescanova in December, passed away on March 22

Report highlights EU dependency on fish imports, driven by appetite for salmon, whitefish

Fish market Spain Barcelona fresh

EU’s fish self-sufficiency was below the 50% threshold through the worst years of the financial crisis, while per capita consumption has remained strong, shows new report by EU commission (more…)

NFI shrimp council reaches out to bloggers in Lent campaign

Council and kitchenware maker Oxo challenged 30 bloggers, equipped with 5lbs of shrimp from Eastern Fish Company, to create recipes showcasing shrimp

Canadian union blasts shrimp cuts for favoring offshore fleet

Northern shrimp, Pandalus borealis, are hauled aboard a shrimp boat

Head of FFAW union blasts cuts as ‘skullduggery’, accusing government of harming inshore sector more than offshore (more…)