Thai Union: MW Brands can reach €1bn sales within three to five years

Volatile tuna prices hit Thai Union in 2013, though the branded business showed resilient growth, said the group

Paris-based tuna canner has ability to up sales by nearly 50% in next few years, says Thai Union president, as he reiterates better outlook ahead for the Thai tuna and shrimp business (more…)

Retail prices affordable for 23% of fish species, says Mexico

Mexico’s national fishing and aquaculture commission released price figures of some of the most popular seafood species for human consumption saying at least 70 out of 300 fish types can be shopped by the average consumer

Mexican tuna catcher invests $100m to renovate fleet

The investment responds to the need of modernization of the fleet, considered as the largest in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and achieve greater operational flexibility

Bumpy start to the year for Peruvian fishing industry

The fishing sector in Peru got to a somewhat faltering start during the first two months of this year falling 4.7 percentage points, according to data published by the national statistics service

Sources: Skipjack prices likely to ‘bounce along’ at low level, before slow climb

Prices for skipjack are likely to be around the bottom at current low levels and will bounce along around the current level for a few months, before starting a slow climb, sources say

Mexican tuna company receives new seiner

Spanish shipyard has built a 79 meter-long tuna seiner to renovate Pesca Azteca fleet (more…)

Thai Union looking for partners to broaden South America reach

World’s largest canned tuna company is studying South American market as part of global reach strategy


Activists slam research that found little abuse in Thai seafood industry

Research has said a six-month survey found no abuse of child labor, no forced labor, no intimidation and no duping of migrant workers at 13 factories in five provinces


Palau’s plans to ban commercial fishing could set precedent for tuna industry

Pacific island-nation is close to kicking all commercial fishing vessels out of its tropical waters, creating one of the world’s largest marine reserves at 230,000 sq miles

BP oil spill behind tuna premature death cases, says NOAA report

Crude oil from BP’s 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill may have led to heart defects and premature death for tuna, researchers backed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report (more…)