Poor fishing in Peru hamper Hayduk expansion plans

jack mackerel

But with tuna volumes strong, company is on track to carry out its plan for a doubling of canned tuna volumes this year (more…)

Nergard invests millions in new mackerel, herring plant

Plant will be one of country’s biggest for pelagics and will position whitefish and pelagic processor to process more mackerel and, for the first time, North Sea herring

HB Grandi raises $121m with listing on main exchange

HB Grandi trawler

Icelandic fishing group sells 27% stake to some 2,500 investors towards listing, with trading on main exchange scheduled to start on April 25 (more…)

Peruvian fishmeal producers pile up losses on back of annus horribilis

Ten of Peru’s 12 fishmeal producers posted losses in 2013, as quota cuts were compounded by higher costs due to regulatory changes

Namibia to swap fishmeal for VAP in inshore horse mackerel TAC

Pelagic association hopes this year’s quota, which will for first time have to be used for value adding and not fishmeal and oil, will be allocated by early May

Russia nets 100,000t fishing quota in Moroccan waters


Morocco assigned a fish catch quota of 100,000 metric tons to Russia this year in its economic zone according to a protocol on the results of the second session of the Russia-Morocco mixed commission (more…)

Nigeria minister denounces import of ‘rotten fish’ to country

Agriculture minister threatens to shut down coldstores owned by Stallion Seafood in latest move seen by sources as government going after the country’s large Indian importers

Mackerel players caught in delicate balancing act

Mackerel nigiri. Photo: Jeremy Keith.

Buyers and sellers keen to avoid being caught out in falling market, as continuing issues in key markets are raising fears stocks could pile up throughout the year


Fresh Catch made losses of £4.5m prior to Interfish sale

Mackerel at Borough Market, London, UK. Photo: Jessica Spengler

Scottish pelagic processor is confident it will repay all creditors as figures show its bottom line fell by £5.5m in the financial year preceding the sale of most of its assets to a JV with Interfish (more…)

UK fishermen have ‘lot to lose’ from discard ban

Peterhead harbor, Scotland. Photo: Stu Smith

Chief executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations warns the discard ban has come as a knee-jerk reaction, and could signal tough times