Surimi buyers come in early for US whiting as tropical shortage continues

Photo: Alpha,avlxyz.

Surimi buyers make early deals on Pacific whiting from US catchers, with demand for hake and pollock strong in Asia, EU and US, on shortage of tropical raw material (more…)

Double-frozen cod, Alaska pollock imports to US rise in early 2014

US imports of Alaska pollock and cod from China were up by 25% or more in the first two months of the year, while imports of cod from Russia plummeted to almost nothing

Global surimi production could face 50,000t or more shortfall this year

Low inventories, combined with demand growth in Asia and stable production will mean demand will outstrip supply this year, says Future Seafood director Pascal Guenneugues

WSJ: US fish finger producers up quality swapping mince for fillets

Producers such as Trident and Gorton’s are looking to boost sales with better quality by swapping mince for fillets, while aiming for more sales with schools

High pollock, tilapia prices set to cause yellowfin sole to rise from 10-year low

Alaska yellowfin sole prices are set to increase, say sources, because of the current high prices for Russian pollock H&G and tilapia 

Arctic Storm’s surimi production outstrips blocks on strong global market

Arctic Storm pollock vessel

For first time in 15 years, US pollock harvester Arctic Storm produced more surimi than blocks in A season (more…)

Young’s sees TV ads drive take-up for new ‘Lightly Coated’ range

Advert for new ‘Lightly Coated’ Alaska pollock products being broadcast on primetime TV until end of the month, supported promotion throughout supermarkets

Former American Pride president returns to American Seafoods

American Seafoods omega 3

American Seafoods Group announced Thursday that John Cummings is returning to the company as president of its subsidiary, American Marine Ingredients (more…)

Japan surimi producers take lead from Kibun in high-grade product push

Nissui, Maruha Nichiro, others follow Kibun’s example of launching high grade ‘chikuwa’ products amid fears of weakening demand 

Fleury Michon goes on a marketing offensive

Fleury Michon sticks

French surimi producer invites customers and suppliers to visit its plants in marketing push to valide three years of work in improving its recipes and sourcing (more…)

Alaskan pollock producers see positive outlook for 2014 B season

Surimi crab sticks

The price of single-frozen PBO block for the EU market is going up for the B season, due to more surimi output