High Liner CEO positive for 2015 on raw material price relief, US foodservice boost

Henry Demone

Demone positive for 2015 on back of raw material price relief for whitefish, shrimp and salmon; US foodservice recovery driven by lower gas prices for consumers (more…)

CDQ groups seen as possible players in Icicle sale

Northern Victor, one of Icicle's processing vessels.

Their purchasing power may be small in comparison to tipped frontrunner Pacific Seafoods, but Alaska’s community development quota groups are in expansion mode and at least some can’t be written off as the Icicle sale process unfolds


NGOS call on Costco, Target, Albertsons to sign up to Bering Sea canyons campaign

Greenpeace, Marine Conservation Institute and Mission Blue launch ad campaign in Seattle targeting the seafood industry and urging protection of Bering Sea canyons (more…)