Peru blog: Rebranding anchovy from fishmeal to ‘deluxe’ product; Fishing ban could hit hake exports to Russia

Follow our coverage here as we tour fishing companies in Paita and Piura, Peru’s hub of processing plants for human consumption fish, before reporting from this year’s Expoalimentaria trade show

US Russia-bound product in limbo as sellers seek alternative markets

Several containers bound to Russia prior to the ban remain in limbo, either in storage or still on their way to Russia, with no certainty as to whether they will get across the border

Seafood entrepreneur: US farmer taps​ ​sustainable tilapia marke​t

Randy Constant speaking to visitors during a tour of Quixotic Farming's Missouri  tilapia farm. (Photo courtesy of Steff Knecht)

It all started with Randy Constant searching for fish waste sources to grow hydroponic vegetables. Fast forward a few years, Quixotic Farming is planning to double volumes to meet demand for traceable fish (more…)