Online B2B wholesale sales platform to go up against Urner Barry as spot price authority

Mike Budreski, Ocean Executive founder

Launch at Boston show establishes a trading platform for seafood products and lays foundation for price indexes and eventually futures trading, says Ocean Executive founder (more…)

Former Royal Greenland colleagues ride growing China e-demand for Alaskan seafood

A view of the Alaska Seafood Festival sales campaign web-page on Alibaba's Tmall this year

Partners say their China venture outsold the other five companies participating in this year's Alaska Seafood Festival campaign, which ran on Alibaba's Tmall

Online trading entrepreneur joins collaborative ‘pod’ venture


Keith Flett, founder of the FYSH-X system, has taken charge of a 'Future of Fish' project intended to bring technological solutions to seafood transactions and traceability (more…)

Seafood entrepreneur: Seeking quality amid scale in shrimp industry

The first of Southern Fisheries' TRUE BRAND shrimp from Ecuador arrives in the United States in mid-October. Photo: Rod Armesto

Southern Fisheries founder and former Pescanova exec Domingo Moreira believes there has been a shift in focus on quantity over quality in the shrimp sector — and his company is aiming to help change that for the US market (more…)