Chile startup nets funds for red tide detection system


Kaitek Labs hopes for another $80,000 from investors after receiving $350,000 to create a biosensor device that can detect toxins from harmful algal bloom in seawater (more…)

Boparan-backed Five Star slides deeper into red

Losses at Ranjit Boparan-owned Five Star Fish going from bad to worse, with raw material and tough economic climate cited as causes  

Saltwater tilapia startup seeking $10m from investors

Newly-unveiled Panama-based project Aquasense said it is banking on a price premium from Skretting partnership to develop customized feed, as it aims to raise up to $10m from investors

Island Creek Oyster founder Skip Bennett’s rise to culinary fame

Keeping up the restaurants, hatchery, online sales and distribution businesses is enough to fuel Skip Bennett’s work these days, but in the beginning, he risked everything for the opportunity to establish an independent life of shellfish farming on the water

China tilapia supplier’s beginnings in Kiwi’s Asia excursion

Jason Carter always knew he was an entrepreneur at heart, but running an integrated tilapia business in China was not exactly what he planned on when he traveled to Taiwan to teach English in the early 2000s

Russian Sea shareholder Timchenko sanctioned by US for Putin links

Gennady Timmchenko

Billionaire Gennady Timchenko, a Russian Sea shareholder, is on a list of Russians subject to sanctions from US for alleged links to president Putin (more…)

Stavis CEO: Communications crisis, not high prices, to blame for US consumption drop

Richard Stavis leads the charge to re-educate US consumers with YouTube channel, soon-to-launch customer mobile app 

Co-op launches own label fish, sauce products from Kirwin, Marine Harvest

Haddock own label Co-op Kirwin Brothers

UK supermarket comes out with two fish and sauce products supplied by two very different companies, family-owned Kirwin Brothers and salmon giant Marine Harvest (more…)

Russian pollock giant Gidrostroy snaps up catcher to rival RSC in quota share

Gidrostroy vessel Russian pollock

One of the largest quota holders of Russian pollock has reportedly snapped up a smaller rival, putting it close to or even ahead of Russian Sea Catching in pollock quota share (more…)

Indiana aquaponics startup aims for year-round freshwater lobster

Air Force veteran researched and developed the Environmentally Controlled Sustainable Integrated Agriculture (ESCIA) system for seven years, starting in his oversize garage