Peru blog: Rebranding anchovy from fishmeal to ‘deluxe’ product; Fishing ban could hit hake exports to Russia

Peruvian scallop. Photo: Alex E. Proimos

Follow our coverage here as we tour fishing companies in Paita and Piura, Peru’s hub of processing plants for human consumption fish, before reporting from this year’s Expoalimentaria trade show (more…)

Combining algae and salmon: Chile’s aquaculture ripe for innovation, says Rabobank

Chilean salmon producers’ profit margins rose during the first quarter of the year, and given the improving health of farms, Rabobank sees opportunities for the industry to focus on innovating

Shrimp farmers boost output with variety of methods as demand grows

Vanameii at a Seajoy farm in Honduras. Matt Whittaker/Undercurrent News

The shrimp farming industry is using a wide range of methods to boost production as the demands on global aquaculture production increase (more…)

Video: Proposed US ban on Russian crab could destroy king crab market

Despite the justice of a ban on Russia’s seafood imports, it’s a case of be careful what you wish for, argues publisher John Sackton

Peru scallop exporters turn to US amid good stocks in France; smaller harvest expected

Peruvian scallop. Photo: Alex E. Proimos

Peruvian scallop prices so far stable year-on-year, even though production is expected to drop by maybe 5,000t (33%) due to fears over potential El Nino damage (more…)