Lonrho, former Oceanfresh CEO settle fraud spat out of court


Investment firm withdraws all accusations against the former CEO of its South African firm Oceanfresh, who in turn has withdrawn allegations of condoning fraud


European hake demand, prices still strong despite tough German market

The south European market is emerging from economic issues and demand for South African and Namibian hake is strong, with prices still at high levels of end 2013, sources say

Oceana told to sell fishing rights acquired through Foodcorp deal

South Africa’s competition commission has told the company it must sell Foodcorp’s fishing rights along with its Glenryck brand

Namibia to swap fishmeal for VAP in inshore horse mackerel TAC

Pelagic association hopes this year’s quota, which will for first time have to be used for value adding and not fishmeal and oil, will be allocated by early May

Russia nets 100,000t fishing quota in Moroccan waters


Morocco assigned a fish catch quota of 100,000 metric tons to Russia this year in its economic zone according to a protocol on the results of the second session of the Russia-Morocco mixed commission (more…)

Nigeria minister denounces import of ‘rotten fish’ to country

Agriculture minister threatens to shut down coldstores owned by Stallion Seafood in latest move seen by sources as government going after the country’s large Indian importers

Sushi from landlocked African kingdom makes its way to Japan

The idea of Japanese consumers eating sushi exported from a tiny African country with no coastline may sound improbable, but the kingdom of Lesotho is pulling it off


Panama, Fiji, Vanuatu, two others given until spring 2014 to up IUU fight

EU says Panama, Fiji, Togo, Sri Lanka and Vanuatu have until the spring to demonstrate efforts to fight IUU, while analysis on progress of South Korea, Curacao and Ghana is still ‘ongoing’

Mackerel market readies for ‘exciting season’

Mackerel nigiri. Photo: Jeremy Keith.

Faroese access to Norwegian and EU waters amid some 300,000 tons extra volumes and uncertainty over Russia, Nigeria and Ukraine — this year will be an exciting one for the mackerel industry (more…)

Ghana tilapia project close to international backing

The Unique Shepherd group says it is close to finalizing a partnership deal with an international company to help improve its tilapia farming project

Farmed salmon industry joins sustainability activists to prove good practices

The Pathways to Sustainability Seminar intends to set an example of how cooperation among seafood industry members can lead to sustainable development and can be replicated (more…)