Restoring 29% of NE Atlantic stocks could cut EU fish import dependence by three months

Fresh fish display market Spain Spanish seafood

A New Economics Foundation report claims waters in the Northeast Atlantic hold the key to expand supply to a further 100 million consumers in the Old Continent (more…)

Bumpy start of the year for Peruvian fishing industry

The fishing sector in Peru got to a somehow faltering start during the first two months of this year falling 4.7 percentage points, according to data published by the national statistics service

Faroese salmon sees growing demand from US sushi

North America continues to be a popular destination for Faroese exports, though the practices of exporters might be changing according to one source

Latvian fish plants face unemployment after sanctions on Russia

Employees in the Latvian fish-processing industry, in particular the production of canned fish, are likely to be affected in the case of sanctions against Russia

High pollock, tilapia prices set to cause yellowfin sole to rise from 10-year low

yellowfin sole Alaska

Alaska yellowfin sole prices are set to increase, say sources, because of the current high prices for Russian pollock H&G and tilapia  (more…)

Arctic Storm’s surimi production outstrips blocks on strong global market

For first time in 15 years, US pollock harvester Arctic Storm produced more surimi than blocks in A season

Nordea: Big drop in Alaska salmon harvest will push US farmed salmon imports

Credit: Flickr, sporkist

Investment bank warned in a note on Friday that the expected 53% drop in Alaska’s wild salmon harvest this year will have consequences for US salmon trade (more…)

Ocean Trawlers: Retail growth in FAS cod fillet part of picture of stronger market

Increased and steady supply of FAS cod fillets opening up more retail usage is one driver for strong market, says sales VP for world’s largest supplier, Ocean Trawlers

Report highlights EU dependency on fish imports, driven by appetite for salmon, whitefish

Fish market Spain Barcelona fresh

EU’s fish self-sufficiency was below the 50% threshold through the worst years of the financial crisis, while per capita consumption has remained strong, shows new report by EU commission (more…)

Shrimp farming boom in India’s West Bengal as farmlands shrink

The government of the Indian state of West Bengal is now finding ways to legalize this flourishing trade of shrimp, even as salinity is spreading thick and fast 

FAS cod fillet prices firming fast with H&G slowly following

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 09.54.28

FAS Barents Sea cod fillet prices are continuing to firm up with H&G also slowly rising, as sellers positive on more rises after Norwegian fresh volumes dry up (more…)

Spain’s Interatlantic hopes to up giant squid, scallop sales to US

Trader and Peruvian giant squid processor hopes to increase its sales to the US, though in past few years Thailand has been its fastest growing market 

Ukraine crisis, Nigeria closure creating uncertainly for Pacific hake producers

Pacific hake HGT

Escalating tension in Eastern Europe is creating a mood of uncertainly for US and Canada Pacific hake sellers and customers, with Nigeria import shutdown added headache (more…)

Salmon prices expected to be firm in Q2, but drop in second half

Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council.

Estimates from six analysts show nearly all expect prices to remain strong in Q2, before then hovering between NOK 35 and NOK 40 in second half of the year (more…)