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EU shrimp buyers sitting on stocks hope for further fall in prices

Thai shrimp plant

Shrimp buyers in EU and US with stock are sitting off and waiting for prices to fall further, with some still having to buy to meet commitments; all waiting for true production picture to develop soon (more…)

Fishmeal players hold off on orders for now as season makes early start

Although Peruvian exporters have pre-sold around 100,000 metric tons, sellers are holding off for now amid uncertain fishing conditions and in anticipation of firm prices ahead

Norway cuts minimum landing price for North Sea herring amid market uncertainty

Industry settles on lower minimum price as of July, as market uncertainty, including in Nigeria, Ukraine and Russia, causes difficult negotiations

Danish bank takes up coverage of Marine Harvest

Danske Bank has started covering Marine Harvest shares, kicking off with a buy recommendation (more…)

Fish Pool contracts show expected salmon price drop for 2015

Players on Fish Pool have sealed contracts for the whole of 2015 at NOK 38.75 per kilo, a considerable decrease from current levels and also lower than 2013 average

European hake demand, prices still strong despite tough German market


The south European market is emerging from economic issues and demand for South African and Namibian hake is strong, with prices still at high levels of end 2013, sources say


Maruha Nichiro ups Alaska pollock surimi production

Westward Seafoods Maruha Nichiro

The Alaska pollock processing plants of Japanese giant Maruha Nichiro are upping production of surimi over blocks (more…)

Retail prices affordable for 23% of fish species, says Mexico

Mexico’s national fishing and aquaculture commission released price figures of some of the most popular seafood species for human consumption saying at least 70 out of 300 fish types can be shopped by the average consumer

Chilean coho, trout prices to Japan increase

Chilean Atlantic salmon exported to the US went down to $4.84 per pound, confirming the decreasing price trend, after three consecutive weeks of falls (more…)

Boparan-backed Five Star slides deeper into red

Losses at Ranjit Boparan-owned Five Star Fish going from bad to worse, with raw material and tough economic climate cited as causes