Delhaize exec speaks out against GOAL call for harmonization of standards, audits


Harmonizing standards and audits can lead to a dilution of expertise in key elements, said Julian Mahieu, seafood category manager for Delhaize and a former auditor himself (more…)

Chile salmon sales, prices to Russia slump, Faroese volumes pour in

Prospects for Chilean salmon into Russia not looking so strong as buyers struggling with low rouble renegotiate prices and drastically cut imports, in scenario matching some of industry players’ worst predictions

Vietnam struggles to upgrade pangasius exports, new law will limit soaking and moisture content

Vinh Hoan pangasius

If Vietnam successfully enforced an 83% moisture level, it would be similar to Canada’s requirement on scallops, which results in a substantial price difference between ‘dry’ and wet scallops, writes John Sackton

Biomar: ‘2014 really shows the start of differentiation for farmed salmon’

Biomar's factory in Brande, Denmark

Danish fish feed producer is seeing an increasing interest among salmon producers in its sustainability software, which lets users see how changes to feed recipes, for instance, improve sustainability (more…)

Buyers see zonal management as next step in shrimp disease fight

Based on talk at GOAL 2014 in Vietnam, zonal management is set to become the ‘fifth star’ in the BAP scheme, with the marketplace in favor of the cluster system being trialled by Pacific Andes