Spanish smoker overcomes sector challenges through high-end, convenience push

smoked salmon royal

Cod and salmon smoker Copesco & Sefrisa, known for its Royal brand, boosted turnover by 5% to €34 million last year, touting an accumulated growth of 24.9% since 2009 (more…)

Surimi buyers come in early for US whiting as tropical shortage continues

Surimi buyers make early deals on Pacific whiting from US catchers, with demand for hake and pollock strong in Asia, EU and US, on shortage of tropical raw material

Boparan-backed Five Star slides deeper into red

Five Star Fish

Losses at Ranjit Boparan-owned Five Star Fish going from bad to worse, with raw material and tough economic climate cited as causes   (more…)

Global surimi production could face 50,000t or more shortfall this year

Low inventories, combined with demand growth in Asia and stable production will mean demand will outstrip supply this year, says Future Seafood director Pascal Guenneugues

Icelandic Seachill M&S commercial director on way out

Marks & Spencer

Icelandic Seachill’s commercial director for retailer M&S on her way out, following shock exit of CEO Malcolm Eley last week (more…)

WSJ: US fish finger producers up quality swapping mince for fillets


Producers such as Trident and Gorton’s are looking to boost sales with better quality by swapping mince for fillets, while aiming for more sales with schools (more…)

Thai Union: MW Brands can reach €1bn sales within three to five years

Paris-based tuna canner has ability to up sales by nearly 50% in next few years, says Thai Union president, as he reiterates better outlook ahead for the Thai tuna and shrimp business

Filler and portioning equipment firm to display wears at Brussels

Unifiller Europe will present its piston fillers for the processing of delicate fish and seafood products


Latvian fish plants face unemployment after sanctions on Russia

Employees in the Latvian fish-processing industry, in particular the production of canned fish, are likely to be affected in the case of sanctions against Russia