Chile salmon sales, prices to Russia slump, Faroese volumes pour in

Chile salmon

Prospects for Chilean salmon into Russia not looking so strong as buyers struggling with low rouble renegotiate prices and drastically cut imports, in scenario matching some of industry players’ worst predictions (more…)

Vietnam struggles to upgrade pangasius exports, new law will limit soaking and moisture content

Vinh Hoan pangasius

If Vietnam successfully enforced an 83% moisture level, it would be similar to Canada’s requirement on scallops, which results in a substantial price difference between ‘dry’ and wet scallops, writes John Sackton

Bjorn Myrseth: Bass, bream players must diversify markets, products

Seabass. Photo: Peter Fuchs

Mediterranean producers must invest more in promotion, and work on better information about production, prices and market, if they want to replicate the success of their Norwegian salmon peers, Marine Farms CEO told Aquaculture Europe (more…)