After Sweden and Norway, Leroy invests in Spanish sushi

Salmon Sushi

New fresh sushi production to open in Madrid in spring 2014 follows high value processing investments in Sweden and Norway


CEO of Slade Gorton ‘Coolfish’ division to move on after firm sells plant

Slade Gorton is leasing back half of its Boston plant after selling the building, as it also emerges the CEO of its value-added ‘Coolfish’ division is to leave

Leroy stands out with focus on EU, VAP

As several of its peers are looking to Asia, Leroy is showing a slight shift in market focus towards sales to EU, especially Nordic countries, while looking to concentrate more on processed goods

Vietnamese producer inaugurates fishmeal factory

Vietnamese processor opens one of the largest and most modern plants in Asia, handling 450t of raw material per day

Norway cuts minimum landing price for North Sea herring amid market uncertainty

Industry settles on lower minimum price as of July, as market uncertainty, including in Nigeria, Ukraine and Russia, causes difficult negotiations

Zhangzidao Group signs strategic agreement with Chinese retailer for online business

Chinese scallop and seafood processor Zhangzidao Group has signed an agreement with a retailer, Beijing Jingdong, to grow its online business (more…)

NZ King Salmon farm expansion could prompt new plant

The expansion of salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds could see a processing plant set up in Picton, on the south island


Former Faroe Bank chairman to lead new Faroese pelagic venture

Johan Pall Joensen appointed head of Pelagos, the new venture backed by Bakkafrost and Framherji to build the Faroe Islands’ third pelagic plant for human consumption

Asda drops Scottish salmon supplier Wester Ross

New Asda store in Wortley, Leeds. Photo by Paul Barker

Move comes amid revelations of high sea lice levels at Scottish farmer’s site, with mounting pressure on authorities to make company re-apply for permission to farm salmon at its sites (more…)