USDA organic standards near critical meeting amidst turmoil


The USDA’s standards for organic aquaculture approval process is set pivotal moment this month, but the advisory group won’t be in attendance to defend its position (more…)

Irish seafood sales jump in run up to Good Friday

Demand for seafood and hake in particular have soared as people stick to tradition of eating fish for easter, with Dunns of Dublin reported a trebling in sales (more…)

Double-frozen cod, Alaska pollock imports to US rise in early 2014

Photo: Petros Angelatos

US imports of Alaska pollock and cod from China were up by 25% or more in the first two months of the year, while imports of cod from Russia plummeted to almost nothing (more…)

Surimi buyers come in early for US whiting as tropical shortage continues

Surimi buyers make early deals on Pacific whiting from US catchers, with demand for hake and pollock strong in Asia, EU and US, on shortage of tropical raw material

Chicken of the Sea names brand icon mermaid: Catalina

After seafood fans submitted more than 49,000 entries in a nationwide $10,000-prize contest to christen the brand’s icon, the company announced one name floated to the top (more…)

Retail prices affordable for 23% of fish species, says Mexico

Mexico’s national fishing and aquaculture commission released price figures of some of the most popular seafood species for human consumption saying at least 70 out of 300 fish types can be shopped by the average consumer

Global surimi production could face 50,000t or more shortfall this year

Low inventories, combined with demand growth in Asia and stable production will mean demand will outstrip supply this year, says Future Seafood director Pascal Guenneugues

Vermont Senate approves GMO labeling bill

House of representatives will now vote on the bill which, if approved, would make Vermont the first US state to require labeling of foods made with GMOs (more…)

Icelandic Seachill M&S commercial director on way out

Marks & Spencer

Icelandic Seachill’s commercial director for retailer M&S on her way out, following shock exit of CEO Malcolm Eley last week (more…)