Aquaexpo blog: Shrimp industry not helpless in face of EMS, Phibro VP says

Undercurrent News is reporting from Guayaquil, Ecuador, covering this year’s Ecuadorian Aquaculture Conference and Aquaexpo trade show. Keep clicking back for updates
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Bjorn Myrseth: Bass, bream players must diversify markets, products

Mediterranean producers must invest more in promotion, and work on better information about production, prices and market, if they want to replicate the success of their Norwegian salmon peers, Marine Farms CEO told Aquaculture Europe Continue reading

Aquaculture Europe blog: Portuguese fish feed supplier triples volumes

Undercurrent News is reporting live from San Sebastian, Spain, to report from the trade show exhibition and conference program on science and technologies in production, food manufacturing, and marketing of aquaculture products Continue reading

Icelandic ‘seafood silicon valley’ model goes to US

Partnership including founder of original Iceland Ocean Cluster, Thor Sigfusson, has successfully launched the innovative model across the ocean in Maine Continue reading