Cermaq CEO sees SRS as ‘biggest single problem’ in Chile

Cermaq’s big losses in the third quarter due to salmon rickettsial syndrome (SRS) are symbolic of larger issues in the Chilean salmon farming industry, says CEO of world’s largest salmon farmer Continue reading

Sudden shift in export rules could affect Russian Far East sellers, Chinese plants

New documents suddenly required from Nov. 1 for Russian fish export to China could cause problems for trade between two countries, then have knock-on impact on sales of double frozen pollock and salmon to EU and US, if not changed  Continue reading

Aquasur 2014: Cermaq, Marine Harvest CEOs yearn to get the salmon farming story straight

Undercurrent News is reporting live from Aquasur, in Puerto Montt, Chile, where salmon farmers from the world’s second largest producer of farmed salmon are gathering this week Continue reading

Aquaexpo blog: Expanding shrimp industry in Vietnam still faces challenges

Undercurrent News reported from Guayaquil, Ecuador, covering this year’s Ecuadorian Aquaculture Conference and Aquaexpo trade show.
Continue reading

Christmas ‘the cut off point’ for escalating coldwater shrimp prices

The end of the year will see European businesses evaluate their operations in the sector, predicts sources, as prices continue to rise; now beyond what is justifiable? Continue reading