Analysts: Thai Union could hit $5bn sales target without Bumble Bee deal

King Oscar deal following Meralliance shows appetite for small acquisitions from Thai Union. Analysts still feel the company is keen on a big move for Bumble Bee, but also say it can hit its $5bn sales target without Continue reading

World Food Moscow: Lack of financing puts Russian importers under pressure; ‘Six years ago, the Russian ban would have been a huge shock’

Undercurrent News will be reporting all week from the World Food Moscow show in the Russian capital, where the impact of the food ban will be the center of all discussion Continue reading

Sources: China processor Longyuan exposed over mutual guarantee with Yilufa

China whitefish and salmon processor Qingdao Longyuan’s mutual guarantee with troubled processor Yilufa also puts it in difficulty, say sources in China and Europe Continue reading

All eyes on Russia for world whitefish sector as cod, pollock H&G prices continue to rise

Prices are firming fast for Russian cod and pollock H&G with more going into the domestic market; the longer the ban continues, the faster prices will rise, say sources Continue reading

Oceans Fleet COO leaves as sale talks with Jeff Davis, PE fund stall

Talks between scallop fishing and processing firm Oceans Fleet and a private equity have reportedly stalled, with sources unsure if a possible deal is totally off, as news surfaces the New Bedford firm’s COO has recently left Continue reading

Ocean Trawlers Europe seeing strong sales growth in US, Asia

Russian situation might create an uncertain environment for company, but Ocean Trawlers Europe is coming off a strong 2013 with Asia and US growing fast, latest accounts show  Continue reading

US producers request FDA stop Russian pollock being labeled ‘Alaska’

A US pollock industry group has filed a request with the FDA that would mean only US-caught pollock could be labeled ‘Alaska’, not also Russian fish Continue reading