Sudden shift in export rules could affect Russian Far East sellers, Chinese plants

New documents suddenly required from Nov. 1 for Russian fish export to China could cause problems for trade between two countries, then have knock-on impact on sales of double frozen pollock and salmon to EU and US, if not changed  Continue reading

Vietnam struggles to upgrade pangasius exports, new law will limit soaking and moisture content

If Vietnam successfully enforced an 83% moisture level, it would be similar to Canada’s requirement on scallops, which results in a substantial price difference between ‘dry’ and wet scallops, writes John Sackton
Continue reading

US Pacific whiting fishery faces early end over Chinook bycatch

Uncertainty grips already-stressed industry as NMFS mulls Chinook salmon bycatch issue with biologist, but one source says less supply could benefit this year’s shaky whiting market Continue reading

Groundfish Forum: Russia pollock, cod talking points for Rome event

While prices for cod H&G rise rapidly due to Russian demand, question marks surround the situation with pollock, as H&G prices are out of sync with double frozen blocks Continue reading

Russian cod buyers competing hard with Chinese processors

Russian buyers are paying ever higher prices to secure cod H&G and fillets from the country’s own vessels, competing hard with the level being paid by processors in China, with one selling source worrying of market ‘overheating’ Continue reading