Costco win for Tri Marine as retail giant puts canned skipjack under Kirkland Signature brand

Tri Marine wins business for supplying Costco with FAD-free tuna as retail giant puts canned skipjack under ‘Kirkland Signature’ brand, with Thai Union-owned Chicken of the Sea losing out Continue reading

Pescanova makes a profit in first half of year; fishing division most profitable

However, equity still in the red as Spanish group, now under the control of banks, made a small gain on revenues of €434m in the first six months of 2014 Continue reading

Bass, bream prices drop over summer amid hopes tighter supply will bring price lift

Prices from both Turkey and Greece down from June levels, but bream is firming up, said one exporter, while the whole industry is hoping a tighter supply will boost overall prices Continue reading

Video: Proposed US ban on Russian crab could destroy king crab market

Despite the justice of a ban on Russia’s seafood imports, it’s a case of be careful what you wish for, argues publisher John Sackton
Continue reading

Norway salmon biomass hike should reduce market volatility; amount depends on farmers

Norway’s 6% increase to the maximum allowed biomass for salmon farms in response to Russia’s ban on seafood should limit price drop in coming months; but will companies take advantage? Continue reading

Chile salmon packers, Russian buyers nervous amid talk of cancelled contracts, fear of unmet payments

Some Chilean sellers preach caution as the high prices, talk of cancelled contracts and fear of unmet payments cause nervousness in market Continue reading