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Canned fish restaurant launches in London

Part eatery, part art installation, new restaurant Tincan will serve only canned fish during a six month residency in the Soho area of the UK capital, reports the Londonist.

The menu at Tincan features 28 different types of tinned fish, all of which are served with bread and salad, as well as optional condiments such as parsley or chilli.

Prices start from £7 for more common tinned fish, and rise to £28 a time for a tin of bluefin tuna.

The tins are all sourced from small companies with sustainability in mind. Most come from Portugal and Spain, though there are also options from further afield.

Other cans include anchovies, baby sardines, calamari in ink, clams, cockles, cod liver, mackerel, mussels, octopus and scallops.

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