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Prada, Dior, Nike buying Icelandic fish leather

cod fillet

On a recent visit to Iceland, Undercurrent News heard all about how companies there have been getting every drop of value possible from their wild catches.

Dried cod heads sent to Nigeria, collagen products made from skins – and fish leather.

Icelandic firm Atlantic Leather has been producing fish leather goods for 20 years, but now interest is growing rapidly. Now the company supplies famous brands including Prada, Dior, Nike, Ferragamo and Puma, writes the Guardian.

Fish leather is about the same price as regular leather, but comes with the advantage that you can buy smaller quantities instead of having to buy a whole calf, according to Swedish designer Hanna Altmann.

Given the availability of skins as a side product of the fishing industry, using them as leather presents a good solution. Demand for leather is rising much faster than supply, resulting in dramatic price rises.

Looking beyond the present sustainability bonuses of using every last part of wild caught fish, Cecile Brugere of the Stockholm Environment Institute suggested fish leather could also help create jobs in existing processing locations, for example around Lake Victoria.

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