Alaskan troll-caught king salmon troll allocation up 150%

May 5, 2014, 4:17 pm

High escapement projections for rivers surrounding Alaska are will mean a big increase in the king salmon catch this year.

The total number of Chinook available for harvest is more than double what it was last year, at 439,400, fish up from 176,000 in 2013 and 266,800 in 2012, the Juneau Empire reports, citing the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

For trolling, which catches the largest percentage commercially, that number is also striking, said Pattie Skannes, troll management biologist for the ADF&G.

The troll allocation is set at 325,411 chinook. Last year, it was 129,862.

“...This is the largest quota we’ve had since we began abundance-based management regime back in the late 90s,” Pattie Skannes, troll management biologist for the ADF&G, said. “Before that, harvest ceilings were not set based on abundance.”

ADF&G Southeast Regional Management Coordinator Bob Chadwick said the sport fishery had “pretty restricted regulations” in 2013.

This year, “there’s large numbers of chinook in the water,” he said.

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