Ambitious Danish aquaculture solutions firm changes name

November 29, 2013, 9:04 am

Christian Jorgensen ApS, the technology and equipment manufacturing sister company to trout farmer Kaerhede Dambrug, is becoming Frea Aquaculture Solutions.

In October Undercurrent News visited Kaerhede Dambrug's farming site, and found out about its ambitious plans to break into the EU’s top five portion-size trout producers, and into the top three for organic trout.

It also aims to double its turnover, and increase its profits by fivefold, in three years’ time.

Part of the plan involves at least doubling the turnover for the aquaculture technology production side of the business, now named Frea after its recirculation farming technology (Fully Recirculated Aquaculture farm).

“In 2014 the owner, Christian Jorgensen, will start operations in a new innovative fully recirculated aquaculture-farm, named Frea. This aquaculture farm is being built under roof, based on drainage and seepage of the water, and will be based on intensive recirculation technology.”

“A large part of the technology and equipment for this farm will be supplied by Christian Jorgensen, and the new Frea farming concept will serve as a showcase for our company,” said Lars Rahbaek, managing director of Frea.

Due to the increasing export revenues, and based on the new Frea farm, it was decided the company would change its name to Frea Aquaculture Solutions ApS.

It will establish a homepage, which is expected to be launched within 2-3 months. On this homepage customers and business associates will be able to read more about the Frea concept and product solutions, and will also present lists of references on solutions supplied to customers in Denmark and in our export markets.

freaAt the same time it has developed a “new and more international” logo for the company.

"For 26 years our company Christian Jorgensen ApS has developed, produced and sold technology and equipment solutions to the fish farming business. In the starting years the products of our company were primarily sold to fish farmers in the Danish market, but in recent years our company has established stable and growing revenues in several export markets."

"In 2013 Christian Jorgensen ApS has furthermore entered into long term cooperation with AKVA group Denmark A/S, and this cooperation is expected to contribute to a further lift in the export of technology and equipment solutions of our company."

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