Gorton’s releases fish sandwich fillets

August 9, 2013, 3:44 pm

US frozen branded processor Gorton’s is celebrating national sandwich month this month with the release of its a fish sandwich fillets product.

Designed as a quick, economical and healthy meal option, the product is designed specifically to fit a sandwich bun. The product is 100% Alaska pollock, with 150 calories, and $5.45 bag of the product contains eight servings.

“Fish sandwiches have been a consumer favorite at restaurants for decades, so we’re excited to make it easy for people to enjoy them at home now, as well,” said Zach Soolman, director of consumer marketing at Gorton’s. “What I love about our Fish Sandwich Fillets is that they can be customized to fit anyone’s taste preferences…”

The product is designed to pair with cheese and tartar sauce, avocado and coleslaw or tabasco sauce.

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