MSC’s first shrimp fishery gets recertified

The Oregon pink shrimp fishery has received its Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recertification after a year of its second-highest landings on record.

The fishery, which produces shrimp known as pink shrimp or salad shrimp, became the first shrimp fishery in the world to achieve MSC certification in 2007.

“…Re-certification sends a clear message to buyers and consumers that Oregon is committed to sustainably harvesting pink shrimp,” Kerry Coughlin, regional Americas director for the MSC, said.

The final independent assessment report, by Intertek Moody Marine (IMM), called the fishery stock managers’ work “exemplary”.

“There is excellent cooperation between management and harvesters, resulting in continued development and implementation of measures to minimize bycatch and impacts on non-target species and stocks, making the fishery the cleanest trawl fishery on the US west coast,” said the final report by IMM.

Last year, Oregon shrimp landings were the second highest on record, with 49.1 million pounds of product landed. It is one of the most valuable fisheries in Oregon.

In all, 64 vessels averaging 65 feet in length participated in the season, which runs from Apr. 1 to Oct. 31. Oregon pink shrimp is harvested by trawl during daylight hours and typically at a depth of 450 to 750 feet.

Brad Pettinger, director of the Oregon Trawl Commission, called the certification “a testament to the cooperative relationship that exists between the fleet and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to continually improve their fishery and make it one of the cleanest shrimp fisheries in the world.”

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