Chinese demand booming for Nova Scotia lobsters

February 22, 2013, 3:57 pm

Canadians have seen a bumper January for exports of lobster to China with an estimated million kilograms shipped to the Asian country to celebrate new year, according to Herald Business.

Michael Wolthers, a freight forwarder with Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc, told The Herald on Feb. 20,  that Chinese demand for Nova Scotia crustaceans has eclipsed the European market.

“We had a phenomenal amount of business through January into early February shipping lobsters to China,” said Wolthers, Kintetsu’s manager for the region.

He estimated Kintetsu and four competitors have shipped a total of about a million kilograms of lobster to China already this year.

“It is at least as large as Europe at Christmas,” Wolthers said. “China is by far a bigger market than Europe is now.”

His company, which moves about 30% of the province’s lobster, has already shipped about 300,000 kilograms of lobster to China this year.

“The last two weeks of January (we were shipping lobster) at a blistering pace,” Wolthers said.

Full story here.

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