Marel named supplier of the year by American Meat Institute

January 31, 2013, 3:07 pm

Icelandic manufacturer of processing equipment Marel was chosen as ‘supplier of the year’ by the American Meat Institute (AMI) on Jan. 30.

The award is given to an AMI supplier member that partners with meat and poultry processors to help achieve industry goals, according to a press release by Marel.

The Icelandic firm was recently ranked number one globally in advanced equipment and systems for poultry, fish and segments of further processing.

“Marel’s support for AMI, its members and the larger meat and poultry processing industry is truly remarkable,” said AMI chairman Nick Meriggioli, president of Kraft Foods, Inc./Oscar Mayer.

“Marel’s team members work as our partners, helping us to achieve our business goals. For these reasons, the company is truly deserving of the Supplier of the Year Award.”

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