Tri Marine completes vessel overhaul at rescued Samoa shipyard

January 28, 2013, 4:26 pm

A shipyard rescued from bankruptcy proceedings by the government of American Samoa completed a refit job on Cape Breton, a tuna seiner owned by Tri Marine International.

Repairs on the US-flagged Cape Breton were completed last week at the Ronald Reagan Shipyard located in Satala, American Samoa, last week.

Mike Wisneske, general manager of Samoa Fishing Management, a Tri Marine company, was responsible for managing the repair operation.

“I would like to thank the newly appointed shipyard board of directors, the management team and especially the workers for making this operation a successful one,” he said.

“The commitment shown by an entirely Samoan workforce is impressive. With this job, they went beyond the call of duty including working after hours, weekends and holidays to ensure the quality of workmanship and that the job was completed on time,” he said.

“We appreciate their performance and we will be happy to work with the American Samoa shipyard on the repair needs of the Tri Marine fleet,” said Wisneske.”

The shipyard was recently taken over in bankruptcy proceedings by the American Samoa Government and is now managed by the American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority.

“This was an important job for the shipyard. It’s proof that we can provide the critical maintenance and repair services needed by the fishing fleet that is based in American Samoa,” said Carlos Sanchez, chairman of the authority.

“Together with the tuna processing, transhipping, fuelling, logistics, provisioning, and other repair activities, the shipyard is a vital part of what could make American Samoa the hub for the tuna industry in the South Pacific,” he said.

“When you consider that Tri Marine spent over $1.2 million in American Samoa just during this call of the Cape Breton, you can begin to imagine the magnitude of the economic benefit deriving from the combined activities which serve the boats that are based here.”

The Cape Breton is the longest and heaviest boat ever dry-docked at the shipyard and is one of the 10 vessels belonging to Cape Fisheries LLC, a Tri Marine Group company.

The 10 Cape purse seiners are all managed by Samoa Fishing Management, a local American Samoan company. They typically deliver their catch to Starkist, or when Starkist cannot unload them, they transship onto refrigerated carriers anchored in the harbor.

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