Young’s outlines ‘seven sins of fish sourcing’

October 29, 2012, 7:39 am

UK frozen supplier Young’s Seafood has whittled down the things it is looking to avoid from a supplier to “seven points on product origin and authenticity”.

Known informally as the “seven sins of fish sourcing”, Young’s -- the UK arm of Findus Group -- said it is looking at these seven areas when choosing, auditing and working with suppliers.

"We have high standards and we will oppose any instances, in the industry as a whole, of intentional species substitution, fishery substitution, IUU substitution, species adulteration, chain of custody abuse, catch method fraud and undeclared product extension,” said Mike Mitchell, Young’s technical and CSR director, in a statement to Undercurrent News.

“We would like the whole industry to join us and rule any of these instances out, so consumers can continue to be confident that the fish on their dish is what they think it is.”

The points are:

  • Species – assured to be the named species
  • Fishery – traceability to the declared fishery
  • IUU – guaranteed to be from a legal, recorded, regulated fisheries
  • Processed raw material authenticity – assured to be only the raw material declared
  • Chain of custody – assured to be from a particular supply chain
  • Catch method – assured to be caught by the described method
  • Product content – assured to be only the content declared
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