Birds Eye cod, haddock fish fingers to carry MSC logo

September 16, 2012, 9:51 pm

Iglo Foods Group is to put the blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo on its entire range of cod and haddock fish fingers in the UK, sold under the Birds Eye brand.

The move, which will switch 5,200 metric tons of fish to MSC-certified sustainable product, has increased the total weight of MSC labeled products sold by a fifth across the whole UK market.

“The UK is the second largest consumer of cod in the world- a fish whose stocks were previously under considerable threat,” said Peter Hajipieris, Iglo Group’s chief technical, sustainability and external affairs officer.

“To ease pressure on cod, in 2007, we therefore introduced the word’s first sustainably sourced Fish Finger, made using Alaska pollock - a move which encouraged almost 78% of consumers to switch from cod, thus helping to ease pressure on and allow cod stocks to rejuvenate.”

Birds Eye’s entire fish portfolio  -- from cod to salmon -- is now in the MSC program­ either in assessment or already certified.

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